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The #BUIDL for Web3 Hack (2022) is designed to open up access to the Web3 space for #BUIDLers like you. Based on your skill level, we invite you to choose a track featured by a Web3 platform that best suits your project.
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Choose a track based on your skill level and win exciting prizes
Polygon Track
Best DeFi App built on Polygon
The onset of DeFi is changing FinTech as we know it! With multiple use cases to explore, Identify problem statements that are plaguing the DeFi space and leverage Polygon to change the way consumers transact.
Best NFT App built on Polygon
NFTs are taking digital assets to a whole new level by opening the proverbial Web3 doors to the general public. Show us how you will revolutionize this space with the support of Polygon and win big!
Best Gaming/ Metaverse Track
Web3 is raising the stakes for incentives within gaming experiences and providing gamers with a whole new experience. Double down and show us how you can elevate gaming experiences with the help of Polygon!
æternity Track
DeFi on steroids!
Explore the power of æternity core features and show the world how powerful State Channels and the native Oracle system are. Build meaningful applications around our AEX-9 Fungible Token Standard that interface with our Superhero DEX.
AENS & NFTs - claim, collect & trade!
The æternity naming system (AENS) is very powerful. The community deserves an AENS marketplace to trade the names and we are waiting for you to build it! You can also check out the brand new AEX-141 NFT Standard - be among the first to use it!
DAO - power to the community!
The future of society will be powered by community driven DAOs running on public blockchains. With the Governance æpp and we kickstarted this shift in society. These examples should inspire you to come up with a cool solution that empowers communities!
Internet Computer Track
Blue Sky
Want to build the next-generation DeFi protocol? Or say a decentralized game that incorporates tokenization? Maybe a metaverse to sell online real estate as NFTs? Don't feel constrained by any category. Build any end-to-end application that incorporates tokenization on Internet Computer! Only the projects built on Internet Computer will be eligible for this track
Associate Tracks
Create a Cross chain Yield Aggregator using Router CrossTalk Library.
BUIDL Privacy Preserving Apps.
Use your imagination and feel free to build any DApp that excites you! Show us how best you can leverage Arcana’s access control feature to store data and Social/Magic links to create wallets. We do not want to limit your imagination but here are some topics for your team to consider as reference: Marketplaces, Games, social apps, NFT based apps.
Upgrade the Buidlers Toolbox
Build best Web3 tooling, API, SDK, services, or patterns built with Fluence and Aqua. The easiest way to get started is to go swing by the developer's docs and then build a small Fluence project or try one of the examples, identify tooling deficits, and kick off your hackathon project.
Fight climate change with NFTs
Climate change is a reality - and *the time to act is now.* The first step of action is Awareness. We rely on you to make your fellow citizens aware of it. Create an NFT using Revise SDK and climate/weather data to showcase the impact it has on humanity.
Build on Tezos tokens and solve real world problems
Build a platform using which users can go long and short on Tezos based tokens, or Tokens bridged to Tezos. The project should use (for borrowing against Tez) and a Dex like (for trading tokens).
To build a web3 application on Tatum using Tatum Node Infrastructure and/or Software Development Kit
Design a cross-chain identity aggregator for Web3:
User1 can send assets to User2 by knowing their DID (It could be Vedant.Komet or KID Vedant)
Keep Calm and NFT-ise!
NFT based event ticketing platform, that facilitates easy NFT event ticket issuing and easy check-ins using AssetMantle blockchain and MantleWallet. The process should be abstract user friendly such that the tickets should be verifiable by scanning a QR code on mobile. A mobile application with a simple username-based SignUp mechanism would be interesting.
$ 7,777 worth $MNTL tokens
Open Tracks
Operation Sustainability
One of the biggest problem statements in human history is solving for sustainability in today’s world. Web3’s circular, participatory economy that is decentralized and incentivized, hosts a treasure trove of potential to make some serious strides in Sustainability! Show us how you can revolutionize sustainability-based solutions by picking one of the problem statements shared.
#BUIDL the Pillars of Governance
The offerings that Web3 brings through Governance as a use case is tremendous. We challenge you to be inspired by Participation, Transparency, Consensus, Equity and Inclusiveness, Effectiveness and Efficiency, and Accountability.
Entertainment Central
Web3 has a strong entertainment offering to push the boundaries of its innovation index. With digital media consumption finding a perfect fit globally, it has opened up several avenues for innovation and problem-solving. Take up this challenge and show us how decentralization can enrich entertainment as we know it.
#BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022's roadmap is streamlined with a scheduled to help you stay up-to-date with the Hackathon journey.
Sept - 1st
Hackathon Official launch- Registration Start
Oct - 31th
Registration Close
Sept - Oct
Build phase + Sponsor interactions
Nov 1st week
Submission Deadline
Nov 2nd week
Nov 3rd week
Finale/Demo Day
Upcoming Workshops
  • Intro to Building on the Internet Computer
    Speaker: Dominic Wörner, Senior Solutions Architect, Dfinity
    Date: 14th September
    Time: 7:30 - 8:30 PM IST
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Hack Day Partners
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Community Partners
Meet the Mentors
Get the support of experts from leading blockchain experts!
  • Kaavya Prasad
    Founder, Lumos Labs
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Meet the Mentors
Get the support of experts from leading blockchain experts!
Kaavya Prasad
Founder, Lumos Labs
Raghu Mohan
Founder, Buidlers Tribe
Pareen Lathia
Co-Founder, Buidlers Tribe
Shreyas Narayana
Head of Guilds, Near Protocol
Luis Fausto
Philipp Muens
Founder, CryptoDevHub
Suhas Motwani
Founder, The Product House
Rahat Chowdhary
Lead Developer Relations Engineer, Polygon
Marco Walz
Lead Developer Relations, æternity
Raj Karia
Founder, Truts
Munir Mohammed
Senior Program Manager, IEEE
Anshul Rustaggi
Founder, Zionverse
Tingyan Deng
Founder, Vanderbilt University
Chunda McCain
President, Pen Blockchain
Kunal Arora
Co-Founder, Blockchain San Diago
Ramesh Ramdoss
Co-Chair, IEEE Blockchain
Gnana Lakshmi T C
Founder, The Phoenix Guild
Smit Khakhkhar
Tech Diligence, Delta Fund
Om Malviya
CoFounder, Tezsure
Etisha Garg
Developer Relations, Arcana
Aravindh Kumar
CoFounder, Arcana
Abhinav Kumar
CoFounder, AssetMantle
Naman Kabra
Core - Business Development and Growth, AssetMantle
Nirbhik Jangid
Founder, The Dapp List
Anil Dukkipatty
CoFounder, revise
Vedant Pawar
Co-founder & CTO, Komet